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24/02/16 Blog News

The Growing Evolution of Play Time

Playgrounds have transformed rapidly and dramatically over the past 15-years, but no way near the speed of last few years. As once there lay a rectangular block of concrete and a few markings for sports games, playgrounds have become far more advance and fulfilling. We guess it's now fair to say an older generation can feel slightly robbed of their playtime and to an extent, jealous of what children are now presented with.

So, what are children greeted with when the bells rings and they shuffle down the hall to play time in 2016?

Take a look below at an early development from Newby Leisure. The pictures from this job, to recent projects below, show playground progression on a far smaller scale than we are now used to. The early project looks great, and still does, but as you read on, you will see the vast scales that we now have the pleasure of presenting schools with.

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Newby Leisure has noticed a growth in the creativeness of playground designs, as you will see from our more recent projects. We love working with teachers to create truly individual pieces of work, so this progression is fantastic. This seems to be the way outdoor education is developing and there's no denying it's for the better.

We now incorporate some fantastic features into play areas that could only have been dreamt about in the past. Everybody is gradually opening up to the creativeness a well constructed play area can give to children.

Because of our bespoke nature, we try our hand at most things to make sure every development we work on offers something different to the school. The word nature is something that is now becoming very forefront in schools too. We're finding that teachers like to incorporate ideas that are somewhat outside of the box. We love this as we thrive on new and exciting ideas!

Our Hartsholme Academy project demonstrates this. You'll see below pictures of a design that was constructed to bolster education practises. Not only that, but to bring children together in an atmosphere that is warm and inviting and makes individuals feel truly at home, whilst in school grounds.

You will notice many different features that bring this play area to life, with sections for construction play, messy play and nature engagement. Not forgetting trusty play houses and a sandpit, albeit with a Newby twist.

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Water features are also very popular amongst schools. We feel this is because of their ability to bring children together through numerical and measures advantages. It's fun to get wet and splash, but the hidden secret behind this feature is doing so whilst secretly teaching children mathematics through weights and measures.

Incorporating strong educational challenges into our play areas is something we always aim to do. Children need to benefit from social engagement in a play area and feel that desire to let loose and go crazy, but if there's little subliminal tasks around them that will aid learning, then we're all for it.

In our designs we also like to keep key aspects involved in the playground wherever possible, just like tunnels and playhouses, green areas and climbing facilities. These are all timeless acquisitions. Obviously, it's not a good idea to cram a playground, but the options are available should you wish.

Adding slightly different features to a playground will bring out a schools voice, hence, that's why we like to push boundaries and create fulfilling projects that last. We like to listen to ideas to keep growing playgrounds and moving them forward with time. Because of our expertise, we are always looking to bring something different to the table and intend to keep looking for new ways to enhance education and play. It's all about getting the right balance between the two.

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Themes are always high on the priority list when we speak with schools. Adapting to new trends is something we always endeavour to keep on the ball with. Below you will see how far developments have come, with our Hobbit House we recently installed at Boston Pioneers, in Lincolnshire. It's a feature that will keep on giving, simply from its uniqueness. As you can see, it's a house that will ignite imagination and create happy faces for years to come. Not forgetting the charm it brings to the playground.

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We really do feel the true beauty in playground design undoubtedly comes to life when children are playing in it, but if the foundations are there to bring the children's imaginations to life.

Who knows what the playgrounds of the future will look like? There are so many things yet to be done. But what we do know, with education, anything is possible.

Please keep a look out for new designs from Newby Leisure. Our team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

If you're planning a playground renovation and would like some expert advice call us on: 01472 230022 or email us: ashley@newbyleisure.com. We're here to help. The Growing Evolution of Play Time is just beginning!

"Together, we're better"

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