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08/01/16 Blog

Step Into 2016 With Newby Leisure - Adventure Trails

The New Year is here which brings lots of resolutions and targets. Some, as we know, last just weeks, whereas others stick with us.

For children, they probably aren't so much interested in resolutions, but more excited about playing with new toys and keeping entertained. After all, that's part of being a child. Luckily for them, we have lots of play ideas!

Carrying on from last year, we will continue to provide our readers with informative and useful tips for play and young development. If you're a new reader - hello! And if you're a Newby blog regular - welcome back!

Newby Leisure are going start the year by highlighting the importance of a play favourite - Adventure Trails.

Adventure Trails are seen almost everywhere. The park, schools, community centres, beer gardens and so on. So, the chances are you've most probably seen a few. If not, please see the picture featured in this post.

Adventure Trails, like most play equipment offers key benefits of fitness, team work, balance, coordination and excitement. Children absolutely love them because they can run wild and let loose whilst parents and teachers watch on.

The popular choice amongst many schools, this product is always going to be a key play piece. Why? Well, simply because it has already stood the test of time. Children love to climb and lumber over objects, it's all part of growing and learning.

Agility and balance is a great thing to install into children as it's something neither of us could do without. The beauty of Adventure Trails lay in the fact that really, there are no set rules. Just allow children to go on it and do whatever they desire. This will build up their confidence and allow a sense of independence - something that will help them shine in the classroom.

Taking the outdoors inside happens a lot more than you would think too. Young minds are always going to enjoy both benefits of indoor and outdoor learning as long as there is balance. Too much of one and less of the other isn't always so much of a good thing. Hence, why we should encourage our children to play outdoors wherever possible.

You can add as many components to a trail as you wish. Some popular choices are the balance slalom, log snake weaver, timber matrix, sloping balance weave, actually, there's so many that are popular, it's probably worth you looking at Adventure Trails on our website (As always, please ask us any questions).

However, it's not just children who can benefit from Adventure Trails. Because of the flexibility in its design, adults are also encouraged to use them for fitness too. Although some may be smaller in size, generally (in local parks for example) there are trails that people of all ages can enjoy.

We're always being encouraged to join the gym, join a club, but exercise doesn't have to be costly. Pop to your local park and you'd be surprised what's available to you.

A week into January, who can say they're on target with their resolutions? We're all probably guilty of letting some slip, but let's make sure the children benefit.

Our Adventure Trails come in various shapes and sizes. As they are bespoke, there's an option for everyone. Built to last, they also come with our guarantee.

If you would like anymore information on our products and services, please just ask. Email: Ashley@newbyleisure.com or call 01472 230022.

Please keep updated with Newby Leisure Ltd on Facebook and Twitter too.

Thanks for reading!

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