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04/11/15 Blog

Bonfire Night! - 12 Facts And Safe Advise.

Remember remember the fifth of November! That's right! It's that time of year again where our skies light up into a multi-coloured blossom. Year on year, we don't shy away from the tradition left to us from that famous night at the Houses of Parliament.

With Bonfire Night just 24 hours away, be sure to collect your firewood and prepare for the festivities and get your apple bobbing game on! Not forgetting hot marshmallows and warm clothes! It's a night where children write names with sparklers and Guy Fawkes' names resonates. So, here's 12 fun facts to share with you.

1) Can you believe it was over 400 years ago Guy Fawkes was part of a team of 13 Catholics brought together to carry out the Gunpowder Plot? Intending to blow up King James I and his government, they made their way into the famous Houses of Parliament.

2) Being an explosive expert, Fawkes was entrusted with the task of deploying the gunpowder. Although, the plot is said to have been organised by Robert Catesby.

3) Arrested while guarding explosives, Fawkes was guarding the gunpowder the plotters placed beneath the House of Lords. When arrested, he was questioned until he shared the names of his counterparts.

4) Guy Fawkes wanted James I to die because Guy and his counterparts were Catholics and they had expected James to be more tolerant of them in his ruling. However, James proved to be the opposite and had ordered all Catholic priests to leave the country, angering many Catholics to the point that they decided to kill James and put his daughter Elizabeth on the throne ensuring that she was a Catholic. This led to a plot to kill not only the king of England, but all those sitting in the Houses of Parliament at the same time as James on November 5th, 1605.

5) Following the unearthing of the plot and the survival of King James, he ordered the people of England to have a bonfire on the night on November 5th. This fire was traditionally topped off with an effigy of The Catholic Pope.

6) Did you know that Bonfire Night is also known as Guy Fawkes Night, Guy Fawkes Day and Firework Night?

7) Burning the “Guy” is a tradition replicating a dummy of Fawkes.

8) 36 barrels of gun powder were laid in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament. As you can imagine, this plot wasn't intended to be light-hearted.

9) Penny for the guy, apple bobbing, fireworks and sparklers are all in keeping with Bonfire Night celebrations.

10) After being warned to stay away from the Houses of Parliament on November 5th, the ploy was rumbled when one of the Catholic Gunpowder Plot team wrote to a friend in parliament telling him of the plan.

11) Born in April 1570 in York, Guy Fawkes and his immediate family were all Protestants. Although, in keeping with the accepted religious practice in England at the time, his maternal grandparents were recusant Catholics.

12) Fawkes was sentenced to death by hanging. His body was separated into quarters and his remains were sent to the four corners of the kingdom as a warning to others - gross! I think we can say that warning definitely worked.

Thanks for reading! And stay safe!!

"Together, we're better!"

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