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01/06/15 Blog

Get Active! - Make The Most of Summer

Keeping children active during the summer months is sometimes easier said than done. As we battle with the ever changing British climate, it’s hard to plan days to get kids into the great outdoors.

As many parents will understand, getting children off the sofa isn’t an easy task and making them communicate with the outside world can sometimes be harder.

Newby Leisure are passionate about play. Because of the nature of our industry, it’s important we encourage children to make the most of summer and get involved in as many physical activities as possible.

Many schools will tend to offer more out of school activities at this time of year. This could include football practice, netball training, rounder’s or running. Because of the lighter nights, these sports all become more appealing again and help our children to make new friends whilst also building a healthy, competitive spirit.

Summer sports offer other additional benefits too, including building a healthy appetite and keeping the brain focused - two very important ingredients to help develop healthy children.

On average, children need 60-minutes of play per day, including aerobic and muscle strengthening activities. Signing them up to local sports clubs and after school clubs will help them find something they feel they can focus on.

Not every sport will take their fancy, but they will find something that will essentially give them a boost and offer a spring to their step building self-motivation and esteem.

For older children, another thought would be to pop into your local off license and ask if there are any paper rounds available. This way children will keep active and earn some extra money, giving them an incentive to be productive.

Trail this the first week in June. Ask your child’s teacher what they have planned for the summer term and look in your local paper for summer classes. By the time of the summer break, they’ll be off the sofa and doing something they enjoy.

“Together, we’re better!”



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